Google is ditching Material Design components on iOS

Google is ditching Material Design components on iOS

Material Design was introduced by Google in 2014 with the aim of unifying the companys products across platforms and form factors. It uses tactile surfaces, bold graphic design, and fluid motion to create beautiful, intuitive experiences for users.

According to Jeff Verkoeyen, Engineering Lead for Google Design on Apples platforms, the company shifted the open source Material components libraries for iOS into maintenance mode earlier this year.

Verkoeyen goes on to note how the time his team is saving by not building custom code is now invested in the long tail of UX details that really make products feel great on Apple platforms.

Earlier this year, Google unveiled *Material You* as the next stage of its design philosophy. As Apple continues to make its own advancements in a quite different direction, Google products on iOS are looking increasingly out of place.

As we continued on the pursuit of cross-platform pixel parity, our iOS components were slowly drifting further and further from Apple platform fundamentals because those fundamentals were also evolving year over year, says Verkoeyen.

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