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SAP S4HANA Materials Management (MM) Course

Unlock the power of SAP S4HANA Materials Management with our comprehensive course. Dive deep into Materials Management in SAP S4HANA, including procurement, inventory management, and supply chain operations. Gain expertise in SAP S4HANA Material Master, purchasing, logistics, and warehouse management. Prepare for SAP S4HANA MM Certification with our specialized training. Learn about material ledger, valuation, and functional aspects in SAP S4HANA MM. Enroll now for an immersive online learning experience!

SAP S4HANA Materials Management (MM) Training Course Outline

Materials Management Overview

  • What is Materials Management?
  • Materials Management Integration

Organizational Structure

  • Mapping Business Functions of a Company in the SAP System
  • Client Structure in the SAP System
  • Company Code
  • Plants
  • Storage Locations
  • Purchasing Organisation
  • Purchasing Groups
  • SAP Calendar

Configuring the Material Master

  • Material Master
  • Configuring a New Material Type
  • Defining a Number Range for a Material Type
  • Defining Field Selections
  • Configuring an Industry Sector
  • Defining Material Groups
  • Configuring a New Unit of Measure
  • Validating the Correctness of Configurable Objects

Material Master Data: Part 1

  • Industry Sector
  • Material Type
  • Basic Data
  • Classification Data
  • Purchasing Data
  • Sales Organisational Data
  • Sales General Data
  • Material Requirements Planning Data

Materials Master Data: Part 2

  • Advanced Planning Data
  • Forecasting Data
  • Work Scheduling Data
  • Production Resources/Tools Data
  • Plant Data/Storage Location
  • Warehouse Management Data
  • Quality Management Data
  • Accounting Data
  • Costing Data

Business Partners

  • Configuring Vendor Account Groups (Financial Accounting)
  • Configuring a Business Partner
  • Customer/Vendor Integration
  • Additional Business Partner Configurations
  • Maintain Business Partner

Purchasing Information Record

  • Purchasing General Data
  • Purchasing Organisation Data

Purchasing Overview

  • Purchase Requisitions
  • Request for Quotation
  • Quotations
  • Purchase Orders
  • Source Lists and Source Determination
  • Conditions in Purchasing
  • Purchasing Information Records
  • Serial Numbers
  • Quota Arrangements

Purchase Requisitions

  • Configuring a New Purchase Requisition Document Type
  • Processing a Purchase Requisition
  • Indirectly Created Requisitions
  • Release Procedures

Requests for Quotation

  • Creating a Request for Quotation
  • Changing a Request for Quotation
  • Releasing a Request for Quotation
  • Issuing a Request for Quotation to a Vendor
  • Maintaining Quotations
  • Comparing Quotations
  • Rejecting Quotations

Purchase Orders

  • Creating and Maintaining a Purchase Order
  • Blocking and Canceling a Purchase Order
  • Creating a Purchase Order with Reference to Purchasing Documents
  • Account Assignment in a Purchase Order
  • Progress Tracking
  • Outline Purchase Agreements
  • Supplier Confirmation
  • Messages and Output
  • Pricing Procedures
  • Supplier Evaluation
  • Serial Number in Purchasing

External Services Management

  • Service Master Record
  • Standard Service Catalog
  • Conditions in External Service Management
  • Procurement of Services
  • Entry of Services
  • Blanket Purchase Orders
  • Configuration Basics of External Services Management

Inventory Management Overview

  • Goods Movement
  • Physical Inventory
  • Returns
  • Material Document
  • Reservations
  • Stock Transfers
  • Configuration Basics in Inventory Management

Goods Issue

  • Goods Issue to a Purchase Order
  • Goods Issue to Scrap
  • Goods Issue for Sampling
  • Goods Issue Postings
  • Goods Issue Reversals

Goods Receipt

  • Goods Receipt for a Purchase Order
  • Goods Receipt for a Production Order
  • Initial Entry of Inventory
  • Goods Receipt of Co-Products or By-Products
  • Other Goods Receipts

Physical Inventory

  • Physical Inventory Methods
  • Physical Inventory Preparation
  • Counting and Recounts
  • Physical Inventory Posting
  • Cycle Counting Method of Physical Inventory

Inventory Valuation and Account Assignment

  • Split Valuation
  • Account Determination
  • Last in First Out Valuation
  • First in First Out Valuation
  • Lowest Value Determination
  • Material Price Changes

Material Ledger

  • Material Ledger Overview
  • Business Processes
  • Configuration Basics
  • Activating the Material Ledger
  • Reporting in the Material Ledger

Classification System

  • Classification Overview
  • Characteristics
  • Classes
  • Object Dependencies
  • Finding Objects Using Classification

Document Management System

  • Configuration Steps
  • Document Info Record
  • Additional Functionality

Reporting and Analytics

  • The Basics of Reporting
  • Purchasing Reports
  • Standard Analysis: Purchasing
  • Standard Analysis: Inventory Management
  • SAP Fiori Apps

SAP S4HANA Materials Management (MM) Certification Exam

The SAP® Certification exam is offered in three levels: Associate, Associate Advanced, and Professional. Passing these boosts confidence, establishes expertise, and earns client trust.

SAP S4HANA Materials Management (MM) Training Course in lahore

Unlock the power of SAP S/4HANA Materials Management (MM) with our specialized training course in Lahore. Tailored for professionals seeking to master the intricacies of SAP's latest enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, our comprehensive program offers in-depth insights into the MM module's functionalities and best practices. Led by industry experts and certified SAP consultants, participants will delve into key concepts such as procurement, inventory management, vendor management, and logistics execution within the SAP S/4HANA environment. Through a combination of theoretical knowledge and hands-on exercises using SAP systems, attendees will gain practical skills that are directly applicable to real-world business scenarios. Whether you're looking to enhance your career prospects or streamline your organization's materials management processes, our SAP S/4HANA MM training course in Lahore provides the expertise and guidance needed to succeed in today's competitive business landscape.

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SAP S4HANA Materials Management (MM)

Rs: 175,000

  • Level:Beginner to Professional
  • Class Timings:7:00-8:30pm
  • Duration:1.5 Months
  • Days:Mon-Tu-Wed
  • Lifetime Support
  • Free Trial Session

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